Exclusively Inclusive

It’s important that everyone is comfortable at work

Uniforms are an important part of many businesses. In general, customers prefer staff in uniforms as they are easily identifiable. For staff, uniforms have their advantages; it saves them money on the “workwear” wardrobe, reduces the chance of uncomfortable conversations around wardrobe, and it can increase a feeling of team solidarity. A uniform to be proud of can also boost employee mood and performance.

Outcome: A well designed work wardrobe proves to make staff feel more comfortable in their work day.

It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are

People come in all shapes and sizes. At City Collection we do not have a “one size fits all” approach to fit. Women in particular have a multiplicity of silhouettes. Our designers work hard to ensure that garment design flatters every body.

Garments are purposely fitted to different shapes to ensure the highest level of satisfaction. Style, trend and function are major drivers for design.

Outcome: Staff feel proud and smart in their workwear, not self-conscious or paranoid.

It doesn’t matter what complexion you are

City Collection garments follow the most popular colour hues that merge with most brand identities.

All ranges follow a hue within a colour palette lending itself to flatter all complexions. Colour can make someone feel upbeat and enthusiastic. A flexible palette allows everyone to shine compared to appeaing washed out and drab.

Outcome: Colour brings out vibrance in people.

It doesn’t matter what gender you are

City Collection have two unisex styles that caters to any body. Companies adopt unisex corporate uniforms for a variety of reasons. City Collection’s unisex range is designed to create a cohesive and professional appearance for all employees, regardless of their gender.

Unisex uniforms can make the hiring process simpler and more efficient by eliminating the need to provide separate uniforms for men and women. It can also make the uniform selection process more inclusive for employees of all gender identities.

Outcome: Unisex uniforms can create a strong unified look for your business with an inclusive feel.

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The quality of our fabrics are never compromised.

Garments are made to meet the demands of work life.

We take the necessary steps towards ethical trading.